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The Fledgling Project reviewed assessment and feedback strategies of a final year early childhood studies professional practice placement in which students create and run a community-based parent and toddler group. A student practical guide was developed which includes feedback/guidance from past students, graduates, parents and employers.

There is a wide range of thinking in terms of how impact can be identified, captured and communicated effectively. This Forum Insight introduces some key evidence-based considerations regarding impact within the context of teaching and learning in higher education. The Insight is based on an extensive review of the literature related to impact, key examples of which have been included.

The 40 sources summarised in this document each have an explicit focus on impact and provide useful insights for those wishing to explore the topic. The majority of sources focus on teaching and learning impact in a higher education context. A small number focus on impact in other contexts (research or post- primary contexts) and these were included due to their potential relevance to those interested in higher education teaching and learning impact.