National Forum Publications

Guiding Framework for Embedding Student Success
The National Forum has developed this one-page guiding framework to inform conversations at institutional level in the development of approaches to embedding student success. The framework identifies three key pillars…
INDEx Survey: Final Summary Report

This INDEx Survey Final Summary Report outlines how INDEx Survey findings provided a source of evidence for the initial response to the COVID crisis, have supported data-informed decision-making in multiple ways, and represent an important baseline of pre-COVID teaching, learning and digital experience.

How to Choose an Open Licence
How to Choose an Open Licence is the second guide in the National Forum OER/OEP Series: Open Educational Resources and Open Educational Practices. The first guide in the series was…

The 40 sources summarised in this document each have an explicit focus on impact and provide useful insights for those wishing to explore the topic. The majority of sources focus on teaching and learning impact in a higher education context. A small number focus on impact in other contexts (research or post- primary contexts) and these were included due to their potential relevance to those interested in higher education teaching and learning impact.