Fledglings: Empowering the Fledgling Early Years Professional. Professional Practice 4 Parent and Toddler Group Practical Guide (Text only version)


The Fledgling Project reviewed assessment and feedback strategies of a final year early childhood studies professional practice placement in which students create and run a community-based parent and toddler group. A student practical guide was developed which includes feedback/guidance from past students, graduates, parents and employers.

Benefit of this resource and how to make the best use of it

This resource was primarily created to benefit students’ confidence and competence in running a parent and toddler group as part of assessed professional practice. In particular, it aimed to empower students to meet the challenges of the module, through acting on their feedback and sharing advice and experiences from previous students, graduates and parents/guardians.
This resource will also benefit academic/placement staff in the discipline of early childhood education and care who are delivering early childhood degree programmes and who are interested in a professional practice module which enhances student competencies in pedagogical practice with babies and toddlers, and in working in partnership with parents and guardians. The importance of graduate professional skills in working with the Under Threes is critical for society and aligns closely with government strategy.

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