Enhancing Teaching and Learning Using Virtual and Immersive Technologies


Video playlist of recordings from UCC Library’s Enhancing Teaching and Learning Using Virtual and Immersive Technologies Seminar.

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This online seminar from UCC Library explored the ways in which VR has been used as an innovative instructional application and provided insights into the “when,” “why” and “how” of using VR to maximize learning impact and support student engagement and success. Presenters were from a range of backgrounds and spoke on their experiences in VR, whether that be sharing knowledge on embedding VR in a course or facilitating access through support services like libraries.

Learning outcomes for the seminar were to (1) consider the benefits and potential of VR in education in enhancing learning, teaching, and overall digital capability, (2) identify possible VR applications for their own teaching and learning, (3) understand the resources and requirements needed for using VR in educational contexts, (4) consider the enhancements to the interdisciplinary learning experience using virtual and immersive technologies.

Related OER

This publication collects the posters shared at the 2023 Learning and Teaching Showcase at University College Cork, 5 December 2023. The posters are grouped into five themes: student engagement, inclusive teaching, academic integrity, digital education and education for sustainable development.

This compendium captures examples of internationalisation of the home curriculum in TUS. It includes cases of internationalised modules; teaching and assessment practices that promote inclusive learning; collaborative learning and teaching projects involving international partners; and co-curricular intercultural competence initiatives.

The Toolkit includes an introduction to generative AI and lexicon of terms, guidelines for ethical use, recommended adjustments to common modes of assessment to mitigate against the potential risk of unethical use, and discipline-specific case studies of good practice that share innovative forms of learning, teaching and/or assessment.

This publication will be a helpful, collaborative resource to all teaching staff at and beyond TUS. It may also generate further ideas for improving practice and enhancing student engagement. This first compendium has led to further publications where ‘pedagogical communities of practice’ continue to share our knowledge.

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