Academic Integrity Student Guidance and Minute Methods Video Series


The Academic Integrity, Academic Misconduct, and Resources pages of the UCC Skills Centre website contain guidance for students on these topics, including a series of short videos, “The Minute Methods: Academic Integrity Skills” that cover a range of topics from the principles of academic integrity to the pitfalls of essay mills.

Benefit of this resource and how to make the best use of it

This is a publicly available resource that delves into the fundamental values of academic integrity, various forms of academic misconduct, and the particular risks of contract cheating. The video series offers quick insights into academic integrity and academic misconduct, as well as various skills that support academic integrity, including paraphrasing, citation, time management and critical thinking.

Students can use the resources to learn more about these topics and instructors can choose to embed the videos into their courses on their LMS or to share them in class.

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