Using OER and OEP for Teaching and Learning


The potential benefits of using open educational resources and practices (OER and OEP) in higher education include improving access, furthering equity and enhancing teaching, learning and assessment. The National Forum supports the use of OER and OEP in a range of ways (see

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This webinar will be helpful to staff across the sector who are interested in further exploring and supporting the use of OER and OEP in their own contexts. The webinar will share a range of materials and guidance designed to build capacity in OER and OEP in Irish higher education and will invite conversation and feedback. Topics to be covered include: – Basic principles of OER and OEP and the importance of open in the digital age – Finding relevant, quality OER for use and/or adaptation for teaching and learning – Choosing and assigning an appropriate open licence for an educational resource you have created – Exploring the concepts of OEP and open pedagogy – All the resources and approaches shared will form the basis of a forthcoming (early 2022) National – Forum open course. The webinar will be facilitated by the developers of the open course, a cross-institutional team with a wide range of open education experience:

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This workbook takes the student on a conceptual journey aiding their understanding of what is meant by the quantitative-qualitative research process in contemporary legal empirical research. Although, of interest to social science students, the particular worked examples relate to how to do research on law, legal policy and review.

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