Remote teaching: a practical guide with tools, tips, and techniques

Remote teaching: a practical guide with tools


Alison Flynn, Jeremy Kerr



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Remote teaching: a practical guide with tools, tips, and techniques. Through each of the chapters that follow, this online pressbook walks you through the steps of converting to a remote courses.

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As stated by the authors, “the purpose of this guide is to support efforts to plan courses to be offered using remote instruction, identifying a set of tools with supporting examples that can be customized for courses. We are inspired by courses from Faculties of Science—the University of Ottawa’s Faculty in particular—but elements of this work should apply readily to many courses in other environments. We also recognize that this emergency involves profound changes to every part of the university experience. Many of us must work under challenging circumstances at home to deliver something that we may have never seen before, let alone created. To be blunt, this transition is stressful. This guide is intended to take some of the sting out of the process of having to work under such strange and challenging conditions.”

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