EDTL Approach: Consider your Students


An EDTL webinar presenting the importance of student partnership underpinning the EDTL project, with students being the heart and core feeding through each of the themes of the work.

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An EDTL webinar which centres on the student experience during the pandemic, maintaining a focus for people to ensure they consider their students when planning for future module design. The video includes a presentation on the USI student survey and a helpful reflection around considering your students.

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The 10-dot Matrix is a quick and easy way to assess how well employability is embedded in classroom activities or module assessments. The video explains how to use 10 key criteria (4 graduate attribute criteria and 6 employability criteria), to quantitatively or qualitatively measure employability in your module or programme.

‘Introduction to Spanish Verb Tenses’ is an OER resource to help students past, present, and future to gain an understanding of how to conjugate Spanish verbs into their various tenses.

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