The Design of Module Content for e-learning practice


Considerations one must make at setting out to design a module embracing eLearning.

Benefit of this resource and how to make the best use of it

A short video highlighting pedagogic approaches, finding the right technology, adapting to learner needs as well as tried and tested approaches for an eLearning intervention. You will learn about analysing and evaluating models of instructional design as well as applying an appropriate framework for the creation of eLearning modules. Many of the recommendations in the video remain helpful in the current pandemic.

Related OER

This is a short introduction to ChatGPT for people teaching in higher education, created in January 2023 and updated until this version was saved in February 2023. The resource is a slide deck which you are free to modify and update (since this is a fast-moving topic). No prior knowledge of AI or chatbots is necessary to use the slides.

This Facilitator Checklist has been compiled from our experience as facilitators delivering the PACT Open Course with the National Forum. From our reflection, we created this resource to aid fellow facilitators save time and outlined key pre-Course, during-Course, and post-Course activities essential to the smooth running of all Open Courses.

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