The Design of Module Content for e-learning practice


Considerations one must make at setting out to design a module embracing eLearning.

Benefit of this resource and how to make the best use of it

A short video highlighting pedagogic approaches, finding the right technology, adapting to learner needs as well as tried and tested approaches for an eLearning intervention. You will learn about analysing and evaluating models of instructional design as well as applying an appropriate framework for the creation of eLearning modules. Many of the recommendations in the video remain helpful in the current pandemic.

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This collection of resources explain how Mahara can be use in practical terms as an e-portfolio. The resources are a collection of staff and student facing guides.

Making Use of Mahara


This is a collection of supporting articles and videos that help staff to understand the relationship between Generative AI and Academic Integrity. These resources help staff to make sense of how authorship on assignments might be identified and understood.

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