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The aim of this interdisciplinary initiative is to create a sustainable, long-term intervention to embed technology enhanced learning in research led teaching, ensuring that students have a highly developed awareness of the potential for proactive learning through digital methodologies, and to help teaching staff further develop their capacity to integrate our portfolio of digital resources and datasets into their teaching materials.

This is a Moodle alternative to tools like Trello, Padlet, wallwisher etc. The plugin has many advantages over the existing commercial alternatives including areas such as accessibility, data protection and the fact that the student contributions when they use this tool can be easily used for assessment. The plugin will be available for all Moodle users worldwide free of charge.

This resource was developed from a SATLE 2018 Initiative: Enhancing the digital teaching capabilities of experienced online instructors and the digital learning capabilities of their students .

Using interaction to build vibrant live online classes is an essential aspect of teaching and learning in an era of remote and online learning. Interaction in live classes helps to promote a sense of belonging and enhances learning through feedback and dialogue. Interaction is a shared endeavour which requires co-production between educators and students to flourish.

This project asked educators and students to share their experiences of online learning to identify what interaction looks like in an online class and what behaviours can enhance interaction.

Introduction to Open Educational Resources (OER) & Open Licensing

A National Forum webinar -Introduction to Open Educational Resources (OER) & Open Licensing- took place on 11 June 2019. The webinar provided an overview of open licensing using Creative Commons licenses and featured the published resource, the National Forum Open Licensing Toolkit (itself an OER).