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Learning Analytics: What Works?

This webinar explores innovative approaches to harnessing data, and the growing recognition of its potential to support whole-of-institution strategies for student success.

Learning Analytics: Innovative Practices

Recording of the webinar ‘Learning Analytics: Innovative Practices’ from November 2019, including brief, thought-provoking presentations on maximising the power of data for students, staff who teach and institutions. Presentations from WIT, DCU and from the Erasmus+ OFLA (Onwards from Learning Analytics) project.

Embedding Data Use for Supporting Students

The National Forum’s ‘Embedding Data Use for Supporting Students’ webinar took place on Tuesday 28 April 2020. It is the third in an ongoing National Forum webinar series that looks at effective practices for using data to support students.

Data Conceptual Model

Institutions have access to vast amounts of valuable information. This guide details some of the many potential sources of data and how they can be used effectively

Data Conceptual Model

Identifying Learning Analytics Questions
The fundamental role of Learning Analytics is to answer questions. These questions should provide actionable insights that institutions, teaching staff and students use to drive effective change. Identifying the initial…