Facilitating TBL – tools to succeed: readiness assurance tests


A resource highlighting the potential of digital technologies to support Readiness Assurance Tests in team-based learning (TBL).

Benefit of this resource and how to make the best use of it

The traditional approach to the roll out of the Individual Readiness Assurance test is a “paper and pen” approach. This can result in reams of paper being used (question sheets and answer forms all need to be printed). An obvious benefit of students having access to their own devices in college is that these can be used for the Readiness Assurance Test phase and the use of paper can be reduced. Quizzing tools such as Moodle Quiz, MS Forms, Turning Technologies and Vevox can reduce the reliance on paper. But apart from reduced paper usage what are some of the other benefits that digital technologies provide? This resource provides an overview of these benefits.

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