Facilitating TBL – tools to succeed: pre class preparation


Facilitating Team Based Learning – tools to succeed: pre-class preparation.

Benefit of this resource and how to make the best use of it

Traditionally, the pre-class preparation phase of TBL involved students covering readings prior to a session (Michaelsen, 2002). Pre-class readings may have included chapters/excerpts from textbooks and articles or written content created by the educator. Nowadays, we can share a variety of different types of content with students (Parmelee et al., 2012). We are not confined to “text”. We can also provide access to content electronically e.g. through learning management systems (LMSs). This helps to cut down on paper usage. Here we outline 5 technology-related tips to keep in mind when we are considering how we will design the pre-class preparation phase. Click on the links throughout the document for more information and guidance.

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