Ten simple steps toward Universal design of Online Classes


This resource provides a 10 step guide to making your courses and learning materials more accessible in accordance with Universal Design for Learning principles.

Benefit of this resource and how to make the best use of it

Engaging with the ten simple steps provided in the video can support the universal design of online classes. The steps are short and concise, and can be applied by anyone to enhance the accessibility of their work.

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The Transition Makers Toolbox is a collaborative initiative of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies (IIS) at the University of Amsterdam and the alliance of Technical University Eindhoven, Wageningen University & Research, Utrecht University and University Medical Centre Utrecht (EWUU), supported by the Teaching & Learning Centre of the University of Amsterdam and Liberal Arts and Sciences and University College Utrecht at Utrecht University. Together with teachers from 9 higher education institutions across the Netherlands, we have developed these tools to empower your students to contribute to tackling complex societal challenges.

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