EdTech Seminar Series – Professor Lawrie Phipps


During this session, Gearóid asks Lawrie questions about the emergent findings and trends he’s seen during the pandemic, and what he hopes might happen next.

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Before the pandemic, Lawrie Phipps and Donna Lanclos engaged in research around the practices of UK-based academics. What they learned while interviewing them about the choices they made around teaching, was that decisions about technology primarily emerged from teaching and pastoral care needs, rather than some abstracted notion of technology being “better” or “21st century.” During the current emergency, and witnessing the global impact of COVID-19, Lawrie and Donna, and colleagues from across Jisc’s R&D team have continued to talk to academics and students about their experience of teaching and learning. Conversations they witnessed across education see-saw back and forth between “Here’s a list of tools you can use to put your class online” and “Here’s how I care for my students”.

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In the denouement of the COVID-19 pandemic, talk of a return to “normalcy” in higher education belies the great challenges and ongoing disruptions that yet lie ahead for many institutions. Public perceptions of the value of postsecondary education continue their downward slide, placing institutions in the position of having to demonstrate their worth and find solutions to declining enrollments. Data and analytics capabilities continue to evolve, introducing new opportunities and new risks to the institution. Chief among these capabilities, generative AI promises to change teaching and learning in ways many of us have yet to fully understand or prepare for.

For this year’s teaching and learning Horizon Report, expert panelists’ discussions highlighted and wrestled with these present and looming challenges for higher education. This report summarizes the results of those discussions and serves as one vantage point on where our future may be headed.

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