DISE: Digital Innovation in Science Education


DISE provides students with a curated library of video demonstrations, designed to empower them with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in science lab classes.

Benefit of this resource and how to make the best use of it

DISE provides students with access to a library of video demonstrations and resources that allow them to familiarize themselves with lab procedures and techniques before stepping into the physical lab. This pre-lab exposure reduces anxiety and builds confidence.

Watching video demonstrations allows students to become familiar with lab equipment, tools, and materials before entering the physical lab. This familiarity reduces the time required to get acclimated in the lab, allowing students to be more efficient during the actual experiment.

Students can progress through lab demonstrations at their own speed. Students can revisit specific topics or sections as many times as necessary to grasp the material fully, without the pressure of keeping up with a traditional lab pace

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In the denouement of the COVID-19 pandemic, talk of a return to “normalcy” in higher education belies the great challenges and ongoing disruptions that yet lie ahead for many institutions. Public perceptions of the value of postsecondary education continue their downward slide, placing institutions in the position of having to demonstrate their worth and find solutions to declining enrollments. Data and analytics capabilities continue to evolve, introducing new opportunities and new risks to the institution. Chief among these capabilities, generative AI promises to change teaching and learning in ways many of us have yet to fully understand or prepare for.

For this year’s teaching and learning Horizon Report, expert panelists’ discussions highlighted and wrestled with these present and looming challenges for higher education. This report summarizes the results of those discussions and serves as one vantage point on where our future may be headed.

MAFAPS is a courses dealing with the issues related to de-carbonisation of merchant shipping worldwide. The subject matter includes the handling, storage and combustion of alternative fuels and the use of alternative power systems such as fuel cells.

This collection of resources explain how Mahara can be use in practical terms as an e-portfolio. The resources are a collection of staff and student facing guides.

Making Use of Mahara


This is a collection of supporting articles and videos that help staff to understand the relationship between Generative AI and Academic Integrity. These resources help staff to make sense of how authorship on assignments might be identified and understood.

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