Assessment in Practice


The aim of the this workbook is to provide a series of resources; contextual information, methods and approaches, to the area of assessment construction and implementation.

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The workbook is not exhaustive, but attempts to focus on core issues and needs. The added literary and web references provide further readings and activites if so required. Key areas covered include: – The Importance Of Alignment, – Assessment Principles, – Writing Effective Exam Questions, – The Design of MCQs. Around each themed area you will find worksheets and activity lists, plus substantial references to original and core literature.

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This collection of resources explain how Mahara can be use in practical terms as an e-portfolio. The resources are a collection of staff and student facing guides.

Making Use of Mahara


This is a collection of supporting articles and videos that help staff to understand the relationship between Generative AI and Academic Integrity. These resources help staff to make sense of how authorship on assignments might be identified and understood.

Future proof your curriculum by embedding sustainability into your teaching practice or further integrating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into your curriculum. The SDG digital toolkit project will give you concise actionable resources to achieve this result while providing insights into the underpinning theories.

SDG Toolkit

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