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This National Forum Insight examines the concept of ‘Agile Curriculum’, emerging in tandem with changing modes of engagement with higher education.

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The purpose of this Insight is to examine what is meant by Agile Curriculum and how we can work as a sector towards a shared understanding of this term. We propose that this Insight can help to inform further discussions of Agile Curriculum at local, sectoral and national levels.

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The concept of open scholarship has radically altered the way in which academic research operates in Europe, providing as it does both opportunities and challenges for researchers. In addition, funders are increasingly demanding that researchers, must, as a pre-requisite to securing grant funding, have undertaken training in research ethics. Finally, there are increasing pressures on researchers to be aware of and comply with obligations under intellectual property and data protection law, and to ensure the proper management of their research data. This course seeks to provide researchers and research support staff with the tools necessary to navigate these issues.

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