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This resource has been created by an interdisciplinary project team at Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin and was funded through the Strategic Alignment of Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund 2020.

Benefit of this resource and how to make the best use of it

An interdisciplinary online resource for clinical teachers and practice educators. This resource aims to support healthcare professionals involved in teaching and learning of undergraduate students.

This resource consists of 5 units of learning

  • Core Principles of Teaching and Learning in the Clinical Learning Environment ​
  • Feedback in the Clinical Learning Environment  ​
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Clinical Learning Environment ​
  • Student Engagement and Promoting a Culture of Belonging in the Clinical Learning Environment ​
  • Fundamentals of Work Based Assessment

This resource is for healthcare staff and academic staff who teach in the clinical learning environment. The students voice informed the development of this resource and while the resource is predominantly aimed towards healthcare professional and educators both staff and students can benefit from engaging with this resource… after all healthcare students will be clinical teachers very soon.

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The Toolkit includes an introduction to generative AI and lexicon of terms, guidelines for ethical use, recommended adjustments to common modes of assessment to mitigate against the potential risk of unethical use, and discipline-specific case studies of good practice that share innovative forms of learning, teaching and/or assessment.

This publication will be a helpful, collaborative resource to all teaching staff at and beyond TUS. It may also generate further ideas for improving practice and enhancing student engagement. This first compendium has led to further publications where ‘pedagogical communities of practice’ continue to share our knowledge.

The concept of open scholarship has radically altered the way in which academic research operates in Europe, providing as it does both opportunities and challenges for researchers. In addition, funders are increasingly demanding that researchers, must, as a pre-requisite to securing grant funding, have undertaken training in research ethics. Finally, there are increasing pressures on researchers to be aware of and comply with obligations under intellectual property and data protection law, and to ensure the proper management of their research data. This course seeks to provide researchers and research support staff with the tools necessary to navigate these issues.

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