Practitioner’s Guide to Groupwork


Dr Michael F. Ryan


Technological University of the Shannon


Education, Teaching & Learning




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This practitioner guide is designed to offer an overall framework for successfully developing and facilitating group work processes. It guides the novice practitioner through each stage of the process. It signposts associated challenges and provides suggestions for helpful responses.

Benefit of this resource and how to make the best use of it

This guide is intended to assist the effectiveness of groupwork processes and outcomes, while also acknowledging the need for adaptability and learning in the specific context as it unfolds.
Sections 1 to 8 cover all the practical aspects of organising group work projects. Section 9 contains very useful tools, templates and resources to support the group work process.
Facilitating successful group projects and processes requires patience, a commitment to being: organised, adaptable and responsive to situations as they unfold. The rewards are extensive. Participants learn how to engage with others, problem solve, work to deadlines, negotiate shared responsibility, manage conflict and experience the satisfaction of
achieving a shared outcome. In the process, participants therefore learn a great deal about themselves.
This resource will hopefully improve the quality of the groupwork in your organisation.

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